The way to Cook a Perfect Steak that ANYONE can do | How to Cook a Steak Ep 4 - Reverse Sear #shorts

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    The way to Cook a Perfect Steak that ANYONE can do | How to Cook a Steak Ep 4 - Reverse Sear #shorts

    If you think you can’t reverse sear with standard kitchen appliances, you’re mistaken! I prefer using my smoker, but honestly you can get incredible results in the oven! Let me know what other methods you want to see!!

    * Preheat the oven to 225F
    * Season your steak generously with salt on all sides!
    * Place on a cooling rack on a baking sheet to get good airflow, and put the steak in the oven.
    * When the internal hits 125F it’s done, pull it out and get it ready for a sear.
    * Sear using your preferred oil, I used a mixture of brown butter and olive oil.
    * Hot and fast sear, and then I let the steak rest a few, which isn’t necessary with reverse sear!

    * I like to use reverse searing on larger cuts or special ones like this dry aged steak from @meatnbone.
    * Use a quality salt! I often use a flavored one like this birch smoked salt.
    * You can also dry brine the steak, but I prefer that on cuts 2in or thicker. Otherwise if can really mess with the cook by drying the steak out too much.
    * Make sure the steak is on a cooling rack raised above the baking sheet. Air circulation is key!
    * You don’t need to rest a steak that was reverse seared, but I still do.
    * This method gives you the most control next to cooking sous vide, it’s give the perfect edge to edge cook when done correctly.
    * Never cook to a specific time, only cook to internal temps. No steak will cook the same as another!
    * If using a smoker, follow the same instructions.
    * The exterior should dry out during the first stage of the cook. If it’s not, pat it dry before searing.

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