The BEST Steak Sauce Ever?!

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    The BEST Steak Sauce Ever?!

    French Mother Sauce Espagnole Recipe:
    Ingredients :
    of brown stock
    50g bacon
    50g carrots
    50g onions
    300g fresh tomatoes
    40g tomato purée
    10g garlic
    1 bunch of herbs ( bay, thyme, parsley ... )
    60g flour ( for thickening )
    60g butter ( for thickening )

    Instructions :
    Fry up vegetables and bacon in butter.
    Sprinkle flour and cook it, till blonde-brown.
    Add tomato puree and cook it till acidity fades away ( 1-2 mins)
    Get everything off the heat and let it cool down to room temp.
    Pour in the boiling hot brown stock while whisking.
    Add fresh tomatoes, garlic and herbs.
    Cook for 1h - 1h30 and skim the scum regularly.
    Pass through a fine mesh sieve.
    Add a dash of Madeira.
    Thicken if needed with a slurry.
    Pass through a fine mesh sieve.

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