How to cook a Steak - Episode 2 - The Pan Sear! | Steak Recipe and tips #shorts

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    How to cook a Steak - Episode 2 - The Pan Sear! | Steak Recipe and tips #shorts

    How to Cook a Steak: Ep 2 - The Good old Pan Sear!

    This tried and true method can work for anyone with a pan and heat source! Below you’ll find tips for this method and feel free to ask any questions!

    • Use a pan that holds heat well - Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, or pans like @hexclad that have benefits of both!
    • Keep the seasoning simple for this! I usually use a high quality salt - I used a Rosemary salt for this!
    • High heat, means you need a high smoke point oil! I prefer avocado oil, @getgraza sizzle oil, or @southchicagopacking beef tallow.
    • Let your steak come up to temp before cooking, now I’m not saying “room temp” because that’s impossible without ruining the steak, but a good 20-30 minutes sitting at room temp will bring it up 3-5 degrees internally and more on the outside to help with better contact and a better sear.
    • you can flip your steak multiple times during the cook, there is no “golden rule”. I usually do mins, flip and repeat, the. Flip back for the remaining time.
    • cook to an internal temp and not time of you want perfection. No steak is created equal, and they all cook differently. I highly recommend a good instant read thermometer!
    • LET YOUR STEAK REST!!! 5-7 mins should be fine! You need to let the steak continue to cook while it rests, and let the juices redistribute internally. If you cut it too early, it will lose a ton of flavor, and moisture!
    • And last but not least… use some finishing touches like finishing salt or my favorite byproduct of pan a great pan sauce! If you want a recipe on it let me know :)

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